This post and beam, cedar cordwood home is a work-in-progress and is being built by the owner. There are some areas of the house which are still under construction, but the location and home are wonderful:  the farm is less than 20 minutes from Pierce, Nebraska.

There are currently four completed bedrooms and two full bathrooms.  Two other bedrooms are currently under construction.   Each bedroom has one double or queen bed in it, depending upon the room.

From this view, you can see both the post and beam and cordwood structures used in the construction of this home.

Please note:  THERE IS NO INTERNET OR TV AT THIS HOME!  In addition, two dogs do live at the home with the owner.  Because of this, there will be pets and pet dander in the home.  The wood used to construct the home is cedar, and the cedar smell is prevalent inside the home.  The kitchen is reclaimed from the home that was previously on the site.  It is not new but is very functional.  Eventually, the kitchen will be updated to reflect the atmosphere of the property, but at this point, it is not the priority!

Check out the pictures on our Pictures tab and then contact us at the email or phone number listed in the Contact Us tab.


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